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Cyberpunk 2077 Night City Wire Эпизод 3: Живой блог

Cyberpunk 2077 — Night City Wire: Episode 3



The third episode of Night City Wire is now available on YouTube with subtitles!


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I enjoyed yet another Night City Wire.

However, I did notice something in the video called Postcards from Night City:

The something is a detection bug, I think. Or a bug with the character model and/or clothing model.

The neck of the NPC sitting on the bench bleeds through the scarf due to the NPC leaning forward:

When the NPC leans back, the neck of the NPC does not bleed through the scarf:

I hope this may be helpful if this bug has yet to be fixed.

I hope all of you at CDPR are eating well and sleeping well as you fix bugs like this.



I think it’s just a collision issue. Spotted the same on Johnnys tag.

I would be more concerned about stuttered walking on the shot below ( about 45s on Postcard video).


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Fresh user

The amount of stuff in the game is just insane.

The episode was great! The look and feel of the game is nothing but fantastic. It’s astonishing that some very small clipping issues is the only nitpicking. That means: Great job CD Projekt!

I really like that the world reacts to things happening in the world. The news shows with the latest stuff about gang activities and politics is awesome. The world building is amazing.

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