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School of Art Gallery

The School of Art Gallery has been serving the School of Art, the University of Manitoba, and broader communities since it was established in 1965 as Gallery One One One. Since 2012, it has been prominently situated as the physical and philosophical gateway to the ARTlab, a state-of-the-art facility which conceptually frames the Gallery as a site of both research and presentation.

This Category A facility houses two exhibition spaces and a significant permanent collection focused on Manitoban, Canadian and Indigenous art, as well as the FitzGerald Study Centre Collection, devoted to Lionel LeMoine Fitzgerald and his contemporaries.

Exhibitions and collecting activities comprise the core of the School of Art Gallery’s activities, with outreach programming and publishing emanating from, and supporting exhibition research and collection development. Through its work, the Gallery aims to represent a diverse range of practices and perspectives, contextualizing contemporary and historical work to facilitate critical engagement with art and its many discourses. The School of Art Gallery supports the mission of the School by fostering creativity, supporting research, and encouraging critical thinking among undergraduate and graduate students alike.

The School of Art Gallery is generously supported by the University of Manitoba, the School of Art’s faculty and staff, national and provincial funding agencies, donors, and volunteers.

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