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Где найти мягкие игрушки зверей в Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek

Где найти мягкие игрушки зверей в Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek

Для необычного ужастика Hello Neighbor («Привет Сосед») вышло новое дополнение, которое добавил в игру два дополнительных режима: Secret Neighbor («Секрет Соседа») и Hide and Seek («Прятки»). В последнем игрокам необходимо отыскать спрятанные мягкие игрушки животных. Оно отличается от режимов тем, что его действия в основном разворачиваются на более открытых локациях.

К тому же теперь вам предстоит играть за дочку соседа, которой необходимо избегать своего злобного братца. Забавные чучела зверей спрятаны очень хорошо, поэтому у многих игроков возникли трудности с их нахождением. Если вы тоже не знаете, где найти мягкие игрушки в Hide and Seek, то просто ознакомьтесь с нашим руководством.

Stage 1 — Collecting Toys | Hello Neighbor Hide and Seek Walkthrough Hello Neighbor Hide and Seek Guide and Walkthrough

Your first task in Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek is to collect all the toys scattered around the room. On this page of our guide we will give you the exact location of each toy. Remember, however, if you throw the toy or leave it somewhere else, it will not reappear in its place. It will wait until you find it. In this case we will not be able to help you. Ideally, once you’ve collected 4 toys, you’ll immediately go to the toy basket to throw them away. This way you will reduce the likelihood of losing a toy.

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The toys are not lying freely on the map — you have to do a few steps to find them. The lion is waiting for you in the cave, but in order to get closer to it you must have a steak. A piece of meat is hidden under water.

If you already have a piece of meat, run to the lion. This one will come out of the cave and fall in front of your feet. This way you can pick it up and bring it to the basket.

There are many boxes on the map. Collect them and cover the holes made by the mole.

If you block four holes, a toy will appear in the fifth hole. Run up to it and take it out of the stick.

To get a bird’s mascot you must first get a weapon. The weapon is in the wardrobe. To get to it you have to jump on top of the stones or knock out yourself with a geyser.

Go upstairs with a gun. There you have to perform several tasks. Take the egg in the nest first. This will summon a large bird and release a small toy.

Stand on top near the nest and shoot down a small bird flying on the map. It’s best if you shoot in one place and the bird will fly up and fall into your missiles. Once the bird has been shot down, collect it and bring it to the basket.

Monkey on the tree

With the help of weapons you can get another toy. Go to the large tree shown on the screen above and shoot at it.

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This way you can shoot down the monkey sitting on it. Bring it to the basket.

Lemur and zebra

The next toys are simply lying on the map. You don’t have to do any special things to get them. Two toys lie on the table, at the top, next to the nest.

Lemur on the sofa

On the sofa, placed on a stone mountain, you will find a lemur.

Zebra in the bucket

In the bucket shown on the screen above you will find a giraffe — jump into it by using a geyser.


On a wall-mounted shelf you will find another toy. To jump on the shelf you have to use a geyser and then slowly jump on the shelf below.


On the wall decoration you will find one toy. You can get to it using a geyser.

at the top of the cabinet, placed next to the toy basket, you will find an elephant.

Rhinoceros in the drawer

On the edge of the open drawer there is another toy waiting for you — a rhinoceros.

Lemur in grass

One lemur lies nicely next to the big brush.

On the cartons you will find a giraffe.

You will find another lemur on the cabinet door.

Lemur on the door

This task will end when you throw all the toys into the basket.

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