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How to Get Away with Murder; season 3: 18 important details you probably forgot

‘How to Get Away with Murder’ season 3: 18 important details you probably forgot

It was all “new year, new murder” in How to Get Away with Murder season 3. Catch up before the madness starts again.

How to Get Away with Murder has always been insane, but season 3 went further than ever before. Annalise went to jail (somebody eventually had to), they killed a main character, and they even killed Frank’s beard!

The show is difficult enough to keep up with while it’s actually airing, so we’re guessing you’ve forgotten a few important details over the hiatus. Luckily, we’ve put together this refresher of some key moments to get you caught up before our beloved #TGIT returns.

1. Wes is dead

Okay, so you probably remembered this one. Just to remind you of the specifics, though, he was killed by a hitman in Annalise’s house, which was then burned to the ground. And that’s not even the most shocking part, because…

2. Laurel’s dad was probably responsible

How to Get Away with Murder season 3 ended with Laurel running in to her old family friend Dominick, who just so happens to look identical to the hitman who killed Wes! We then saw a flashback to Dominick assuring Jorge Castillo that Wes is, in fact, dead. Uh oh. Daddy’s got some explaining to do. However, his guilt isn’t set in stone, since…

3. A.D.A. Denver was also in contact with Dominick

A.D.A. Todd Denver was using questionable tactics to take down Annalise all season. He and Atwood had Wes’ body moved after they had the coroner lie about the cause of death, and he locked Connor up in attempt to blackmail him, after Connor discovered that he was up to something.

He was clearly willing to go to great lengths to get back at Annalise for “getting away with murder,” so who’s to say actual murder was out of the question? This looks a lot more probable when you take into account the fact that Denver and Dominick had a covert meeting, shortly after Wes was killed.

4. Laurel’s pregnant

And it’s not Frank’s. Once Frank fled and Wes broke up with Meggie, Laurel and Wes had a tragically short-lived, but intense romance. Laurel claims to have loved him more than she ever loved Frank, and she’s now carrying his baby.

Even though Laurel almost died in the same fire the burned Wes’ body, her baby, thankfully, remained unharmed. Bonnie offered to make an abortion appointment for her, but at the end of How to Get Away with Murder season 3, Laurel still hadn’t decided what she wanted to do about the pregnancy.

5. Hannah Keating got Annalise arrested

Pretty much immediately following Wes’ death, Annalise was arrested for arson and first degree murder, due to a tip from an “anonymous source.” We eventually found out that Hannah Keating called the police station that night, making it all but certain that she was the source.

When Annalise discovered that the D.A.’s office was putting together a case against her, she got drunk and started burning everything. Apparently, in her drunken state, she also called Hannah and told her she could have the house. Obviously, this made Hannah suspicious, and A.D.A. Denver isn’t the only one who’s been looking to take Annalise down for a while!

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6. Frank tried to kill his father

And he actually killed Bonnie’s father!

How to Get Away with Murder season 3 finally gave us a glimpse into Frank’s back story. Apparently, he was incarcerated when he was 13 for attempting to kill his father. As far as we know, this was no case of mistaken identity. A pre-teen Frank actually tried to kill his dad! Yikes. Frank’s aunt knew Hannah, which led to Sam being Frank’s therapist when he eventually got to prison. Sam saw something in Frank, so he convinced Annalise to help free him.

When Annalise forced Frank to leave at the end of How to Get Away with Murder season 2, one of his first stops (after he dodged Annalise’s hitman that she “just hired to find him”) was to the hospital where Bonnie’s father was dying. Since Bonnie father abused her as a child, Frank decided to make that death come a little faster, and he suffocated him. Bonnie didn’t shed too many tears when she heard the news.

7. Bonnie and Frank hooked up

Using Laurel’s father’s telecommunications company, they were eventually able to find Frank. Bonnie saw him when she went to make arrangements for her dad’s cremation, and they hooked up after Frank asked her to run away with him. It seemed like she was going to do it, but when she came back from her morning coffee run, he was gone.

Their relationship only got more confusing as How to Get Away with Murder season 3 continued. At one point, Frank was threatening to kill himself in Annalise’s living room. Annalise was telling him to do it, while Bonnie was shouting that she knew he loved her, and that that night meant everything to her. However, another time, Bonnie told Frank that she didn’t want to be his sloppy seconds, and that he killed any chance they had when he left that hotel room.

8. Annalise and Bonnie kissed

In a moment of vulnerability after being released from prison, Annalise reached out and kissed Bonnie, the only one who’s always been there for her. They brushed past it pretty quick, but we’re hoping it will come up again in season 4.

9. Michaela’s mom came to town

Asher accidentally invited Michaela’s foster mother to visit after Michaela had been dodging her calls, so we got to look into Michaela’s past. Her mom was looking for a place to stay after she’d left her abusive husband, but Michaela had no sympathy. She turned out to be correct, because her mom left the minute that things got tough, after Wes died.

10. The Middleton Dean sold Annalise out

Posters of Annalise with “killer” written all over them started popping up all over campus, and the university took notice. Even though the culprit ended up being just another bitter student, the board members were concerned. However, Annalise convinced them that the school’s reputation would remain unharmed if she used her class as a pro bono clinic.

This worked, right up until Annalise slapped one of her clients for being a terrible human being (the guy who killed a girl and took a selfie with the body). When a tape of the incident was leaked, Annalise got her licence suspended and was asked to step away from her class. It was later discovered that one of the board members, Barry Lewiston, actually leaked the tape!

Of course, there’s no scandal so big that it can keep Annalise down. To save her career, she made a statement to the board about her alcoholism. This meant that since she was suffering from an illness, she could receive treatment and have her license reinstated.

She began attending AA meeting, and surprisingly, the president of the university, Soraya Hargrove, was also there. Apparently her own alcoholism resulted in her losing custody of her children. The two became friendly and Annalise even offered to help with her case to get her kids back. However, after the fire, it became clear that Hargrove was helping the D.A. with their case against Annalise. Annalise confronted Hargrove, effectively ending their friendship, obviously!

11. Oliver now knows everything

When Connor drunkenly let it slip that he was never a drug addict, Oliver started looking into the bonfire. Eventually, with Connor’s help, he ended up learning the truth about everything. Connor told him he could go to the police, but Michaela made it clear that wasn’t an option.

12. Unfortunately, so do the police

When the police called Wes in for questioning, they mentioned that they’d found Rebecca’s body, in the woods. They were looking to him to help take Annalise down, for the crime. Also, when Denver had Connor locked up, he casually worked in that he knew Connor had a hand in killing Sam.

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That all sounds really bad, but it’s okay, because…

13. Wes took the blame for everything

Before Wes was murdered, he called Annalise, from her house, and left a voicemail. He said that he wasn’t going to let her go down for something that he did, which really made it sound like he was confessing to everything. Despite Laurel’s protestations, Annalise convinced Denver to help her spin a story that Wes killed himself because of the guilt.

14. Oliver proposed to Connor

How to Get Away with Murder season 3 was rough for Connor and Oliver. Oliver broke up with Connor, basically because he loved him too much, and they weirdly tried to remain friends while they were openly hooking up with other guys. Things got even worse when Oliver learned the truth about everything.

All of that said, by the end of the season, things were going strong enough for Oliver to pop the question! Hopefully, we only have to wait a few more days for Connor’s answer.

15. Charles Mahoney was Wes’ father

Annalise met with Mrs. Mahoney to see if she knew anything about what happened to Wes, since he was killed soon after testifying against Charles. She made it seem like she had nothing to do with any of the Mahoney’s crimes, but she did let it slip that Wes was actually the son of Charles Mahoney, and not his father!

16. Annalise’s mom has dementia

When Annalise’s parents came to visit her in prison, her mom thought she was in there because of the fire that she started, which killed Annalise’s uncle. It was clear that her mental faculties were fading.

17. Michaela and Asher are in love

Near the end of How to Get Away with Murder season 3, Asher told Michaela that he loved her. Having never been in love, Michaela wasn’t sure if she could say it back. However, when Laurel tried to use Michaela to lure Charles into a trap, she knew what she felt, and she told Asher she loved him too.

18. Annalise said Wes was her son

The final moments of How to Get Away with Murder season 3 found a broken Annalise at a support group, talking about Wes. She kept repeating that he felt like her son, but ended with, “he was my son.” It might be nothing, but we’ll have to wait until How to Get Away with Murder season 4, to find out.

‘How to Get Away With Murder’ Stars and Creator Reveal 10 Crazy Spoilers for Season 3: Who Killed Wes’ Dad?

More News

So many questions! When How to Get Away With Murder season 2 ended, fans were left hanging on a bunch of important plotlines. Did Caleb (Kendrick Sampson) really kill his parents? Did he really kill himself? Where did Frank (Charlie Weber) go after airing out his dirty laundry and cleaning out his apartment? What’s motivating Phillip (Jefferson White) to take creepy, blackmail-y videos all the time? Oh, yeah, and who killed the supposed dad of Wes (Alfred Enoch)?

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Well, we can’t tell you the answers to all of those questions, but if you stick with Us ahead of the Thursday, September 22, season 3 premiere, we can tell you what we do know as far as spoilers go …

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Wes Still Has Daddy Issues

Us Weekly spoke exclusively to series creator Pete Nowalk at the Television Critics Association press tour last month, and he said, as with all things on HTGAWM, it’s best not to assume the man who was killed during the finale last March is actually Wes’ father. Sure, we want to believe it was, since he never knew his dad, but as Nowalk said, “Everything on the show is alleged until it’s confirmed with DNA!”

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Don’t forget, either, that Wes still has mommy issues. He watched his mother die when he was 12, and he still grapples with a mental image of himself standing over her with a knife. Us also caught up with Enoch, and asked about how stuck Wes seemed during all of season 2.

“I mean, wouldn’t you be?” Enoch asked. Fair enough!

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Those Daddy Issues Will Play a Big Role

Nowalk also told Us that within the first few minutes of the big premiere, we will learn some major details about the murder Wes witnessed when he met his maybe-father.

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“You waited eight months for something,” he explained.

So, will we learn who killed Wes’ (alleged!) father? Nowalk wouldn’t say, so we’ll just have to tune in tonight at 10 p.m. ET and every Thursday after that, since he said this is a story line that won’t disappear soon.

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Frank’s Flight Gets Grounded

In case you somehow forgot, Frank’s life was far from good the last time we heard from him.

His lover, Laurel (Karla Souza), accidentally told Annalise (Viola Davis) that he killed Lila, thinking she knew. (Souza recently told Us that — for Laurel at least — this season should be called How to Get Away With Guilt as a result!)

Next, Annalise learned that Frank was basically to blame for the car accident that caused her stillborn delivery, and somehow, it all came back to him being blackmailed by her cheating husband. If you were Frank, you’d pack up all your belongings and dip too.

Luckily, we’ll find out where Frank ended up during tonight’s premiere! Souza even hinted that Laurel will be reaching out to him. Flaurel reunion? We’d love that, but it’s probably wise to not get our hopes up!

A New Case Every Week!

Beyond the overarching plot of each season, there are always smaller cases being taken on by Annalise, though showrunners have switched up how often viewers get to see those. Luckily, Nowalk said that this season, they’re going back to the weekly cases!

The Keating 5 Are Still in School

Time jumps have been trendy lately. Shows like Scream Queens and Pretty Little Liars have started new seasons a few years into the future, but HTGAWM is picking up right where it left off, then moving forward just a few months. The Keating 5 are all in their second year of law school. Can you believe everything in the first two seasons took place in their first year?

Annalise Is Still in School Too

Nowalk told Us that Annalise has a new role as a lawyer, but that she’s still very much involved at Middleton University. In fact, the school is going to be an even bigger part of the plot this season. (Uh, we thought the school was a big enough part of the show when a girl was found dead in a sorority house’s water tank, and Annalise dragged five law students into her murder-filled life.)

There Will Be So Many Guest Stars

Nowalk revealed that Amy Madigan, Esai Morales and Brett Butler will appear this season, in addition to music sensation Mary J. Blige! According to the creator, the singer’s role “really opens us up into a different side of Annalise.” And the most exciting part is that Blige is “playing a part that could potentially recur.”

Everyone Tries to Get Along

We know Annalise has had her secrets and her students have had theirs, which has always led to a rocky sort of relationship between them. Still, Nowalk and Enoch told Us that this season, everyone is going to try to get along. Nowalk claimed Annalise is going to try to “fix” everything between the Keating 5 and herself, and also hinted that she and Wes will grow closer and help each other heal.

“There’s a lot that has brought them together,” Enoch admitted.

Don’t Worry, There’s Still a Lot of Romance

Souza spilled to Us that it “would be so out of character for Laurel to not try and reach out” to Frank, hinting that there may still be hope for Flaurel. But what about the other couples or potential couples? Well, she also said that even though Oliver (Conrad Ricamora) deleted the acceptance email Connor (Jack Falahee) got from Stanford, their relationship is still “interesting.”

As for Michaela (Aja Naomi King) and Asher (Matt McGorry), Souza said that no one knows what is going on there.

Billy Brown, who plays Nate, revealed that the dynamic between Annalise and his character will change “a little bit” now that her family loves him so much. Of course, since his wife just died of cancer, “it’s really complex,” and “the complexities will continue” through the season, so don’t get your hopes up for things between Annalise and Nate to turn into a fairy tale just yet.

Tell Us: Which season 3 plot are you most excited for?

How to Get Away With Murder airs on ABC Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET.

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Who’s the Killer? ‘HTGAWM’ Stars Reveal 10 Crazy Spoilers

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