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Riot Games’ Seraphine Sure Looks A Lot Like Our Friend, Sara Phinn


The Hate Is Real – Why Does Everyone Hate Seraphine?

There are over 150 champions in League of Legends. Some of these champions are quite popular and loved by the community upon release, like Vex, while others have to face the wrath of the community. Seraphine was one of them.

Seraphine has joined the roster as the 152nd champ and she gives you musical skills to support your team. Her debut in her idol band K/DA also provided a lot to talk about! The single «More» is absolutely amazing, and we are happy that the five singers bring the champs to life perfectly with their voices!

Since Seraphine was announced as a champion, fans’ opinions on her were quite split. This isn’t anything new, since many fans will go over a champion’s abilities and skills, but with Seraphine, the discussions seemed to be even more personal.

We wanted to investigate this and find out where this hatred for Sera might be coming from and what Riot could do to please the community.

Let’s get straight to the main point. The reason why die-hard LoL fans have a problem with Seraphine:

Her Original Lore!

Seraphine’s parents gave up everything in Zaun to come to Piltover, where she was born. They built a workshop where they work with Hextech to repair sound systems. Sera herself was not a mechanic, so she listened to the world around her and realized the older she got, the more she could hear the souls of living beings and the music of the world. In order to escape the chaos of sounds and voices, her parents built a Hextech device that would silence these voices. This saved them from madness. But then she noticed the voice of a brackern in the Hextech crystal of her device. With the help of this device Seraphine manages to unite the voices of the world in her songs. From then on she tries to help people by giving them a feeling of optimism and trying to bring together the angry voices of the living beings. She herself is so cheerful and optimistic, because she thinks that every person and every voice counts.

This is the short form of the story but contains the most important points. As you’ll soon realize, there’s not much to her Runeterra lore. Among other things, you can hear YouTubers like Necrit and Skooch philosophizing about why it’s hard to make her story believable in the world of Runeterra.

Among other things, they mention how many inconsistencies the story contains and how much information is missing. Why did she suddenly become famous? What is Seraphine’s motivation — her love for music alone can’t make her risk going mad just to unite the voices.

Necrit also mentioned that he finds a darker side of Sera missing. A fight or struggle that would deepen her character and make fans understand why she acts the way she does. There’s no struggle and even the imminent madness caused by the chaotic voices was solved without further ado by a Hextech crystal.

This also brings us straight to the next point: The Brackern become crystals that hold on to their memories and hopes when they die. They are collected by younger Brackern and thus lead to the survival of the breed. However, since humans use Hextech crystals as their drive, the race is on the verge of extinction. The fact that the voice seems to favor Seraphine and just helps her, even though their race detests humans, makes many people question the lore.

Fans were so passionate about this that they even got the hashtag #JusticeForSkarner trending at the time of her release.

Down with Seraphine and all of Piltover! Take back the Brackern Crystals! pic.twitter.com/lt4wTdkqCw

Her Character Design

The fans also have something to say about her outfit. Her original skin just doesn’t seem to. fit. Although she is from Piltover, you can’t tell when looking at her outfit. If you look at her, you would rather think that she is another Star Guardian. Reddit users have made it their business to show what her outfit could look like to better represent her heritage. Many say that this change alone could help Seraphine to better integrate into the world of Runeterra.

This is what Sera’s Piltover Outfit could look like! (Image via Reddit)

Her K/DA Lore is More Fleshed Out

In general, it is very clear that Riot Games must have created Seraphine’s K/DA version first. Compared to her Runeterra story, the pop star K/DA Sera — in this alternative dimension — is much more believable.

Hell, she’s even got her own social media accounts, which allow her to be in touch with her fans like a real star. Her dreams and achievements in the world of K/DA are understandable and there is simply much more to learn about her.

That’s why for many fans it feels like Seraphine is an OC (Original Character) who has fallen into the world of Runeterra without having a place or purpose.

Her K/DA Ultimate Skin

Gamers are not very happy about the fact that Seraphine got an Ultimate skin directly with her release. It was a risk on Riot’s side to release her with K/DA and Ultimate Skins and whether it was worth it or not only time will tell.

Sona 2.0

The final reason for her dislike within the community is quite simple: Her kit is Sona 2.0. She does everything Sona can do, so many fans felt that Seraphine should have just been a rework for Sona who has struggled for a while – especially in popularity, with an average play-rate of only 3%.

Sona did receive a mini rework in 2021 that has since made her much stronger than Seraphine, but many still refer to Seraphine as Sona 2.0

Riot Games’ Seraphine Sure Looks A Lot Like Our Friend, Sara Phinn

Imagine waking up one morning and finding a cartoonified version of yourself splashed all over the internet. It’s not a photograph, but it’s close enough that even your mother would take another glance and ask if you’ve taken a second job as a model.

It’s inescapable. You’re on gaming websites and in magazines. Twenty feet high caricatures shoot by, plastered to the side of double-decker buses. People are using your face as their avatars on Discord while the next generation of printed gaming guides has an entire section dedicated to someone who is almost unmistakably you.

This happens to me all the time. I’m a 6’4 white guy with a shaved head and a scruffy beard. I see my likeness in popular media more often than I see it in a mirror.

But I’m an average looking dude, sporting a fairly unremarkable look. Apart from the skin tone, the sex and the latent animal magnetism, there’s very little about my physical appearance which couldn’t be achieved by anyone with access to a Bic Chrome Platinum and five minutes in the bath.

In short, I’m generic. An approximation of my physical appearance wouldn’t be out of place in any medium from back when the first images were scratched onto cave walls by my primitive ancestors.

But the same can’t be said for Sara Phinn, a US-based virtual reality artist. You would notice her in a crowd.

Note the pink hair, the pale skin, the sparkly shape under her eye, and then take a moment to consider her name once again. Sara Phinn.

You may think it’s an iconic cyberpunk look, and you would be correct. Then again, there is a very good reason for that.

But I have another picture for you (see below). Note the pink hair, the pale skin, the sparkly shape under her eye and then take a moment to consider this character’s name. Seraphine.

The second image is a character newly introduced to the wildly successful online game, League of Legends. It’s not just us? You can see the similarity?

Seraphine Has to Be a Weird Coincidence, Right?

Sara’s look has been cultivated over the years. She wasn’t born with bright pink hair. She’s been dyeing it since 2016. The shape under her eye is stuck on, presumably with glue, and is an aspect of the artistic persona she has been growing into over the past decade. People just don’t have huge, metallic, suspiciously regular birthmarks. It’s not something that happens.

Even Sara’s surname is a fiction. Contrived in 2014 from a variety of sources and for reasons which are personal to her.

“I love the Codex Seraphinianus by Luigi Seraphini as well as The Voynich Manuscript. Both are mysterious, undecipherable encyclopedias that look like they’re from other dimensions,” Phinn said to Cyberpunks.com. “I find hyper-dimensional things really interesting, and angels are as close as western culture really gets to entertaining ideas of hyper-dimensional beings aside aliens. I have a fascination with representations of hyper-dimensional entities and other worldly things. Sara Phinn is a play on words regarding the six winged angels, the Seraphim.”

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“The geometric shape is just one of many looks I’ve created for my art and performances.,” she said. “By no means do I think its exclusively unique, just in combination with my hair and name it was one more deeply uncanny element that has lead me to question where Riot(Games) came up with their character’s ‘inspiration.’”

Uncanny is right. We spent a good half a day searching through photos of celebrities and porn stars, as well as a bunch of personal Facebook and Instagram pages. We were trying to find any person who shares the unique combination of attributes which comprise a sizable part of Sara’s persona and which are now among the defining characteristics of Riot Games’ newest star.

The results were pretty much as we expected. There were a few scattered Sara Phinneys and couple of Sara Phinns. None of them had pink hair. None of them boasted a silvery birthmark.

It was pretty clear cut, at least on first inspection, if Riot Games drew their inspiration for the character Seraphine from any real life person, the balance of probability tipped towards the inspiration being from Sara Phinn.

Does the League of Legend Character Matter?

Believe it or not, Americans have a right to privacy…of sorts. It’s a messy legal area which clashes with all sorts of other rights and laws. But we found the best layman’s summary here. We’ve laid out the appropriate parts below.

In the modern era, the general nature of a right of privacy is the right of a person to be free from unwarranted publicity or the unwarranted appropriation or exploitation of that person’s image, voice, or likeness.

A common law cause of action for misappropriation of name or likeness consists of the following elements:

  • The defendant’s use of plaintiff’s identity
  • The misappropriation of plaintiff’s name or likeness to defendant’s advantage, commercially or otherwise
  • Lack of consent by the plaintiff and
  • Resulting injury

It’s necessary to point out at this point that none of the writers at CyberPunks.com are lawyers. We’re a rag-tag bunch of happy-go-lucky freelancers, neuroscientists, crypto-anarchists and Viagra salesmen. Our opinion carries zero legal weight.

Ignore the legalese terms of ‘plaintiff’ and ‘defendant’ for now. We ripped the text from a fancy lawyering website.

Did Riot Games use Sara Phinn’s identity? Did they misappropriation her name or likeness to to their own advantage, commercially or otherwise?

Whether or not the Seraphine character is inspired by Sara Phinn or not is up in the air right now. We don’t know. We’ve reached out to Riot Games to ask them straight but as yet, they haven’t responded.

If they did, it’s certain Sara hasn’t consented. She couldn’t have because she wasn’t asked.

Has she been injured? Sure. Why not.

Sara isn’t some unknown rando. She’s an accomplished VR artist and publishes Youtube videos of her creative process. She conjures cats from thin air. Her other work includes conceptual art we can only effectively describe as flying space vaginas. Really. You should set an afternoon aside to take a look at her art.

In short, she is a professional with a brand image and a brand name – Sara Phinn. Having that brand diluted or potentially overpowered by her likeness and name appearing in one of the most successful online games of all time, without acknowledgement or compensation, is at the very least an insult.

Could Sara sue? Probably. Would she win? Probably not.

CyberPunks.com — Gone Fishing for Seraphine’s Inspiration

To constitute an invasion of privacy, the use of someone’s likeness and other protected attributes needs to be an intentional act.

We abandoned our search for real people on whom Riot’s Seraphine could have been based and took a winding journey into the world of Anime, fan art and weird Japanese video games.

Our first stop was in 2015, when Nippon Ichi Software released Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance. It’s described as “A tale of revenge and rebellion…hundreds of hours of over-the-top, award-winning gameplay”. The complete edition has thousands of ‘very positive’ reviews on Steam and is yours to own for a mere £29.99 ( $39.99).

One of the main characters has pink hair and looks like this.

You can see from the trailer image that her name is Seraphina. Again, it’s close to Sara Phinn and Seraphine. It’s obvious the character bears at least a superficial appearance to both.

But video games aren’t the only area in which we found more possible origins.The Webtoon Unordinary is a teen high-school drama set in a college where the social elite happen to possess unthinkable powers and abilities. It’s exactly what you’d expect, and comes complete with the usual complement of battles, frenemies, deadly conspiracies and destiny.

One of the principle protagonists is Seraphina (nicknamed Sera). She is introduced as a super-cool person who plays games on her phone.

And guess what? This Seraphina has pink hair, too.

We now have two Seraphinas, one Seraphine and a Sara Phinn. All of whom have pink hair and all of whom have a variant on the same supernaturally inspired name.

But what about the shape? That unlikely under-eye geometric mark which pushes the bounds of coincidence to levels beyond unbelievable?

Yeah. About that.

Sara’s first post of herself with the shape under her eye was published in April 2019. But on a random fan art site, we found this piece created a month earlier.

We even ran the image through exiftool, and the creation date was right there.

Twenty-three days prior to Sara Phinn’s picture using the geometric shape, a piece of fan art based on a random webtoon had, without her knowledge, preempted it.

Can we just take a moment to appreciate how phenomenally, astronomically unlikely that is.

It’s Going to Get Weirder for Sara Phinn

That Sara’s image wasn’t unique or original doesn’t change the story in any significant way, apart from making it considerably less likely that we’ll be sued for publishing it.

It doesn’t change Sara’s experience in any significant way either. Although, she hasn’t yet decided what to do about it.

Ultimately I want any actions I take to be on behalf of protecting other creators from having their likenesses stolen in the future by corporations. This is a problem that won’t go away until corporations realize they will be held accountable. In my research I’ve seen this has happened to other influencers and creators, their likenesses stolen by other companies such as mattel stealing a reporters likeness and the Bratz dolls company taking a young POC influencer’s likeness. This just seems to be the first time its been done with a virtual being. A few years ago, both Ellen Page and Lindsey Lohan had their likenesses stolen by two video game companies. Lindsey was ruled against and Ellen didn’t press charges. The video game company who took Ellen’s likeness changed the character a bit to avoid legal issues. Rockstar got away with it because the court ruled they’d changed enough about the character to warrant ‘freedom of expression’. I am not a celebrity. I am an independent artist and influencer/creative in the VR field. Going against a multimillion dollar company that obviously has no qualms is intimidating. ‘Equal treatment under law’ is a thing, but unfortunately little guys are often swept under the proverbial rug in law.

Companies with access to heavyweight legal representation and design teams have always been able to get away with a lot. But now, the power to appropriate people’s likenesses is in the hands of little people too. People like you.

Raise your hands up if you’ve ever photoshopped (other image editing software is available) the head of your crush onto the body of a pornstar and knocked one out over the resulting monstrosity.

You may have even gone one step further and edited it into a video. Pornhub is stuffed with celebrity lookalikes with similar stage names to the people they emulate being railed up against a [xxxx xxxx xxxx]. They get away with it because it’s parody porn. Along with the right to privacy, right to publicity and the concept of protected attributes, it is such a legally murky area that few stars are either inclined to or able to take action against the producers.

Deepfakes are new and they’re accessible. we assume you have seen Richard Nixon announcing the failure of the Apollo 11 mission along with the deaths of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. You’ve seen the deepfake of Nick Cage singing I will Survive while wearing a rather fetching blouse and dancing provocatively while clicking his fingers. There’s an entire subculture dedicated to pushing Nick Cage’s face where it doesn’t belong. You have, of course read our guide to how deepfakes will soon become undetectable.

But convincing deepfakes require a phenomenal amount of computing horsepower. That app on your phone which will throw out a substandard rendition of you performing at the Superbowl halftime show doesn’t do squat. The actual work takes place on a server farm where the heavy lifting is carried out by insanely powerful graphics cards.

Currently, you can produce deepfakes at home only if your desktop rig is a particularly beefy one. That barrier to entry will get lower year on year. With each new generation of processors, more and more people will be able to appropriate your image, use it for whatever they want and publish it as original work.

When the person who’s stolen your image and maybe even your name isn’t a giant corporation potentially making millions from it,but just some Joe doing it for the lulz, you really don’t have any recourse beyond asking the hosting platform to take it down.

And let’s throw another factor in there. What if they acquire your image through completely legal means? What can they do with it then?

If you use Instagram, you’re probably aware of the 2019 furore when a virulent morsel of fake news had users frantically reposting that Instagram was changing its terms and conditions so that it would automatically own any images uploaded to it.

The truth is that Instagram would never need to do that. Since its creation, every user who has ever signed up for an account on the platform has clicked through a legally binding agreement which allows Instagram a non-exclusive, royalty-free, transferable, sub-licensable, worldwide license to photos, username, profile photo and relationship information.

Pay attention to the words transferable and sub-licensable here. They mean exactly what you think they do.

Did you read the Terms and Conditions? Did you read the Terms and Conditions on whatever random app you downloaded and which, for some reason needs unrestricted access to your photo gallery? Did you read the terms and conditions for the app to which you gave enough high quality video footage to actually make a semi-convincing fake?

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Of course you didn’t. You have no idea what rights you’ve given away along with your data, your images, your location, your voice, your name, your WiFi signal strength, the names of your friends and your porn preference.

Riot defends Seraphine from all the Sona 2.0 hates stating “people should try out first before judging”

League of Legends’ new champion Seraphine didn’t even make it to the Summoner’s Rift yet she’s getting more hate than any other champions.

After Samira, Yone, and Lillia, Riot Games has officially unveiled League of Legends’ 152nd champion Seraphine, The Starry-eyed Songstress. However, after her ability reveal a lot of players were showing hate towards Seraphine and referring her as Sona 2.0.

Players hate towards Seraphine

The main reason behind all these hates are, Seraphine has a comparable kit as Sona. Her W, Surround Sound is very similar to Sona’s W and E. Additionally, her ultimate Encore also has similarity to Sona’s ultimate which resulted in players to refer her as Sona 2.0.

Seraphine: ✨ hey can i copy your homework ✨

Sona: (Sure, just make it look different so it doesn’t look like you copied it)

So many people are talking about Seraphine and Sona that Sona is currently trending on Twitter. And a lot of people are discussing and arguing about how Seraphine is just a rework of Sona.

  • Read More: K/DA ALL OUT Seraphine Ultimate skin has three forms unlockable by completing missions

Moreover, on Reddit, a lot of players are complaining about Seraphine as well. Reddit user u/SoupySpud questioned Riot Games saying “How is Seraphine actually different enough from sona to be her own champion??” And they also think “Seraphine legit looks like a vgu for Sona.”

Furthermore, some players are also saying that “Seraphine is the biggest disappointment of this year.” A lot of players are also complaining about how simple her bio is comparing to other new champions.

Riot’s Response

After getting all these hate, League of Legends’ lead champion producer Ryan “Reav3” Mireles has stepped up saying “people should try out first before judging.”

“I have played plenty of Sona, and also I have played a ton of Seraphine internally, and I don’t think she feels anything like Sona,” Riot Reav3 said.

“For one, she is a VERY skillshot reliant champ which feels way different than Sona,” Reav3 added. “The big reason she feels unique though is her music passive which makes each 3rd spell you cast, cast twice. This leads to having to think about which order you use your spells in to get different effects, and gets you into like a musical 1, 2, 3, and 4 rhythm when you play her that feels really different than any other champ.”

Reav3 also commented regarding the thematic similarity between Sona and Seraphine pic.twitter.com/3dRSuxepVS

As Seraphine is the second music champion in League of Legends, Riot Reav3 also believes it is ok for champions to have thematic overlap as long as the champs feel different enough from each other.

Role-wise, Riot thinks Seraphine will be primarily a mid lane mage even though they believe she will be played in support as well. And one more thing that they added is, Mid Seraphine will be like a “wombocombo AoE ranged damage” mage which will make her a lot different from Sona.

There are few champions in League of Legends that have some similarities like Yasuo and Yone, including some other champions. And now for the Sona and Seraphine debut Riot wants players to play her first before judging.

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12 английских пословиц, которые не имеют аналога в русском языке

Пословицы и поговорки – это отражение народной мысли, установок, моральных ценностей. Обычно они имеют аналоги в других языках, поскольку воспроизводят “простые истины”, свойственные любому человеку каждой нации. Пословица может иметь другие образы, но будет доносить тот же смысл:

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Английские пословицы Русские эквиваленты английских пословиц
When in Rome, do as the Romans do. В чужой монастырь со своим уставом не ходят.
The early bird catches the worm. Кто рано встаёт – тому Бог подает.
Too many cooks spoil the broth. У семи нянек дитя без глазу.

Но есть высказывания, которые вообще не имеют эквивалента в русском языке. Такие пословицы в наибольшей степени отражают отличия менталитета, поэтому составляют для нас особый интерес.

Кстати, сегодня мы узнаем не только смысл этих английских пословиц, но и связанные с ними занимательные истории.

Обрати внимание: если вдруг ты не согласен с описанным примером и точно знаешь русский аналог, то обязательно пиши об этом в комментариях – подискутируем!

Уникальное наследие: пословицы на английском языке с переводом

1. If you can’t be good, be careful.

Дословный перевод: Если не можешь быть хорошим, будь осторожен.

Если ты собираешься делать безнравственные вещи, убедись, что они не опасны для тебя или общества. Когда ты планируешь сделать что-то аморальное, удостоверься, что об этом никто не узнает.

Первое упоминание именно этой формулировки датируется 1903-м годом, но смысл выражения намного старше и берет свое начало из латинской пословицы “Si non caste, tamen caute” (если не целомудренно, то по крайней мере осторожно).

2. A volunteer is worth twenty pressed men.

Дословный перевод: Один доброволец стоит двадцати принужденных.

Значение пословицы по сути прямое: даже маленькая группа людей может быть полезнее, если у нее есть энтузиазм, стремление и т.д. Зародилась эта пословица в начале 18-го века.

В то время Королевский флот имел группу матросов, вооруженных дубинками, чья цель была “насобирать” моряков на флот. Они могли делать это, рассказывая о небывалых преимуществах службы, или же просто силой (все же вооружены дубинками они были неспроста).

Такое стечение обстоятельств не делало принужденного хорошим моряком. Отсюда и “вытекло” это умозаключение.

Заметь, что в этой пословице можно менять соотношение цифр:

100 volunteers are worth 200 press’d men.

One volunteer is worth two pressed men

3. Suffering for a friend doubleth friendship.

Дословный перевод: Страдание за друга удваивает дружбу.

Значение этой шотландской пословицы понятно без особых объяснений. Казалось бы, в русском языке есть довольно похожая пословица “друг познается в беде”. При этом очень интересен сам смысл “страдания за друга”. Если в русском варианте говорится о том, чтобы не отвернуться от друга и помочь ему в трудной ситуации, то здесь именно страдать вместе с ним, тем самым усиливая дружбу.

Еще одна интересная с точки зрения образов английская пословица о дружбе: Friends are made in wine and proven in tears (дружба рождается в вине, а проверяется в слезах).

4. A woman’s work is never done.

Дословный перевод: Женский труд никогда не заканчивается.

Ну вот и о нашей нелегкой женской доле английские пословицы позаботились Выражение пошло от старинного двустишия:

Man may work from sun to sun,
But woman’s work is never done.

Получается, значение пословицы в том, что женские дела (в отличие от мужских) длятся бесконечно. Видно это из примера:

“A woman’s work is never done!”, said Leila. She added: “As soon as I finish washing the breakfast dishes, it’s time to start preparing lunch. Then I have to go shopping and when the kids are back home I have to help them with their homework.”

(“Женский труд никогда не заканчивается!”, – Сказала Лейла. Она добавила: “Как только я заканчиваю мыть посуду после завтрака, приходит время готовить обед. Потом я должна идти по магазинам и, когда дети возвращаются домой, я должна помогать им с домашним заданием”.)

5. Comparisons are odious / odorous.

Дословный перевод: Сравнения отвратительны / воняют.

Люди должны оцениваться по их собственным заслугам, не стоит кого-либо или что-либо сравнивать между собой.

Два варианта пословица имеет не просто так. Первый вариант (Comparisons are odious) очень древний, и впервые он был запечатлен еще в 1440 году. А вот измененный вариант (Comparisons are odorous) был “создан” Шекспиром и использован им в пьесе “Много шума из ничего”.

6. Money talks.

Дословный перевод: Деньги говорят (сами за себя).

Значение – деньги решают все. Происхождение выражения является предметом споров среди лингвистов. Одни считают, что пословица зародилась в Америке 19-го века, другие – что в средневековой Англии.

Кстати, пословица использована в названии песни австралийской рок-группы AC/DC.

7. Don’t keep a dog and bark yourself.

Дословный перевод: Не держи собаку, если лаешь сам.

Значение этой английском пословицы: не работай за своего подчиненного. Высказывание очень древнее: первое упоминание зафиксировано еще в 1583 году.

По поводу отсутствия аналога: в разных источниках дана разная информация. Кто-то согласен с тем, что аналогов в русском языке нет, другие в качестве эквивалента предлагают пословицу:

За то собаку кормят, что она лает.

Однако, в Большом словаре русских пословиц такой пословицы о собаке нет вообще. Возможно, то что предлагают нам в качестве альтернативы, это адаптированный перевод именно английской пословицы (такое бывает).

8. Every man has his price.

Дословный перевод: У каждого есть своя цена.

Согласно этой пословице, подкупить можно любого, главное предложить достаточную цену. Наблюдение впервые зафиксировано в 1734 году, но, скорее всего, имеет и более давнюю историю.

9. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Дословный перевод: Подражание – самая искренняя форма лести.

Значение пословицы прямое. Эта формулировка восходит к началу 19-го века. Но сама мысль еще древнее и встречалась в текстах 18-го века, например, в 1714 году у журналиста Юстаса Баджелла:

Imitation is a kind of artless Flattery (Имитация является своего рода бесхитростной лестью).

10. It’s better to light a candle than curse the darkness.

Дословный перевод: Лучше зажечь свечу, чем проклинать темноту.

Вопрос об аналоге снова спорен: в некоторых источниках, где даны английские пословицы с переводом на русский, эквивалентом называют:

Лучше пойти и плюнуть, чем плюнуть и не пойти.

Хочу с этим поспорить. Значение русской пословицы: лучше сделать, чем жалеть, что не сделал. Смысл английской – лучше исправить положение, чем жаловаться на него. Лично мне смысловая составляющая про жалобы кажется первостепенной, поэтому приравнивать эти пословицы я бы не стала.

11. Stupid is as stupid does

Дословный перевод: Глуп тот, кто глупо поступает.

На самом деле это не совсем “народная пословица”, а фраза, которой Форест Гамп отбивался от назойливых вопросов о своем интеллекте:

Фраза ушла в народ 🙂 Прародитель этого выражения – пословица “Handsome is as handsome does” (красив тот, кто красиво поступает), уже имеющая аналог в русском языке: “Не тот хорош, кто лицом пригож, а тот хорош, кто для дела гож”.

12. You can’t make bricks without straw

Дословный перевод: Нельзя сделать кирпич без соломы.

Опять же в некоторых источниках в качестве аналога указывается русское “без труда не вытащишь и рыбку из пруда”. При этом английская пословица говорит не о трудолюбии, а о невозможности выполнить задачу без необходимых материалов.

“It’s no good trying to build a website if you don’t know any html, you can’t make bricks without straw.” (Не пытайся создать веб-сайт, если ты не знаешь HTML: ты не можешь делать кирпичи без соломы).

Согласно википедии выражение берет начало из библейского сюжета, когда Фараон в наказание запрещает давать израильтянам солому, но приказывает делать то же количество кирпичей, как и раньше.

Где искать пословицы и поговорки на английском языке по темам?

Возможно, это не все высказывания, не имеющие русских аналогов, ведь английских пословиц (и их значений) огромное множество. Кстати, ты вполне можешь поискать их самостоятельно в нашей Библиотеке материалов по запросу “proverb”, чтобы насытить свою английскую речь чудесными выражениями. Успехов! 🙂

До чего полезная статья! Расскажу про нее друзьям!

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В “прослушке” услышал/увидел фразу “I like my piss in bottles”, перевели это как “что я за это получу”, но я что-то не уверен в однозначности перевода. Спасибо, если сможете помочь.

2. A volunteer is worth twenty pressed men. Похоже на поговорку: “Невольник не богомольник”

Есть точный эквивалент – “охота пуще неволи”. Она к тому же двусмысленная. Одно значение – шутливое, означает примерно “Пристрастие к охоте – хуже тюрьмы”. Основное же значение “Добрая воля сильнее принуждения”. Еще в 19-м веке “охотник” означало “доброволец”.

.. под первым номером поговорка похожа на “молчи за умную сойдёшь” .. а пословица под номером пять на мой взгляд похожа на “не суди да несудим будешь” ..

If you can’t be good, be careful – Бережёного Бог бережёт небережёного-конвой стережёт

Don’t keep a dog… – “Зачем тебе собака, если лаешь сам” – 15-16 век.. И никто не сказал про культуру поведения в обществе. …Роботы всё время думают о робот’е…
“Деньги заговорят…” – множество смыслов как прямых, так и обратных, основной – это подкуп, реже – статус ” (его) Деньги говорят (сами за себя)”.

По поводу Don’t keep a dog … соглашусь с мнением Инны .На мой взгляд ,здесь больше подойдет значение “не можешь организовать работу , делай сам” ? Всем спасибо.

1) Русский аналог: “Не пойман – не вор”
3) “Сам погибай, а товарища выручай”

12. You can’t make bricks without straw
аналог – не разбив яйца яичницу не приготовить.
Правда, это не русская пословица, кажется.

не понять замысел автора, вроде копнул(а) глухое и неразведанное, на нехоженое и непротоптанное, – с чем и согласились почти 200 тыс. читателей, но рассуждая о РАЗНИЦЕ ИХ и НАШЕГО МЕНТАЛИТЕТА, тут же НАКЛАЛ-НАВАЛИЛ-ЗАЛЕПИЛ … “БОЛЬШУЮ ДЮЖИНУ” из … Latin proverbs (+ old adages & popular sayings) основное собрание которых появилось в хрИсто-матном собрании Divers Proverbs, by Nathan Bailey, 1721.
ТАМ У НИХ – взор, смысл-мент-&-mind обращены на себя-говорящего и берущего, ради собсной выгоды и стяжательства – путём “воровства” (обучения) общества обжуливанию ближнего, оправдания … ныне дико-развитого капитализм-упырь-империализма , навроде – Nothing personal, it’s only business – кстати совсем недавний “англо-америк.” термин происх. от устар. романск. БОЖНИЦА, местное здание-церковь, или денежное предприятие с использованием церк. капиталов, пожертвований общины.
У НАС – смысл-сметка-расчёт обращён на пользу обществу, дар от себя-дающего, наказание-осуждение ворам-преступным (устар. ВьР – от индус. авара, кавк. гога, гуру, урка – наставник, учитель закона, или “вор-законик”).
ПОСЛОВИЦА – не руское, а славянское [сербск. посоловица

посольная, от посул, мн.ч. послы = рус. “дела”; (всемирные языки) гл. солить /sell-sold/ – “продавать, торговать”] – “дельный совет/завет” как вести дела.
Источник пословиц – переводы греческих и латинских религиозных формул, европейскиe литературные списки/кальки.
поГОВОРКА – уговор/договор, сговор, приговор, заговОр – “клятва во исполнение”. Проклятие.
ПРИСКАЗКА – повтор, приписка.

Здесь вроде бы статья об английских пословицах, а не клуб коммунистов с деменцией.




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