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Splitgate: Arena Warfare Review; Bringing the Party to You

Splitgate: Arena Warfare Review; Bringing the Party to You

My very positive review has turned to a negative one because of the actions of the developers over the past months. You can read my old review at the bottom of this one.

Splitgate’s last update has reinforced the same issues they have been perpetuating with fake bots (bots without any tag, almost impossible to figure out who is a bot).. Lying by omission to players. The scoreboard doesn’t show teammate’s kills, deaths, assists, or score. Ranked games don’t show opponent’s rank before the game, assists count as full on kills now. I am quitting the game because of this. I’m most likely done for a long while, or until they remove the fake bots and everything since then they’ve changed.
It really feels like ♥♥♥♥ when the game literally lies to you by omitting important information about the game..

That being said, I’ve talked to many players in the community and they have been just as outraged as me, some quitting alongside me. After the tournament, team LYNXX was disbanded. I said I would leave the game if they didn’t revert bots back when they started the fake names, but stayed because I love the game so much. Since then, they clearly have no remorse for lying to their loyal playerbase and keep making more and more updates that lie to players, which I cannot stand behind, support, or bring myself to play.

If you also disagree with the recent updates, please sign this google form, as I will send it to the developers as a last hope that they may decide to revert some of their changes. The developers only seem to listen to statistics, so let’s show them that we all have issues with their lying.

Thank you for reading this. Please sign the form below.


Splitgate: Arena Warfare is an action-packed shooter of the newer ages in gaming, which doesn’t conform to the (now) norm of battle-royale shooters. It is 100% skill oriented with no insane aim cones or randomized mechanics to allow noobs to one-shot experienced players. Whether you are good or bad at the game, when you get a kill, you deserve it. A feature that is very lacking from many new-age games. This game had 12,000 players at launch and now it only has

300 (per day), so, if you care about the skill ceiling in games staying high and are tired of easy battle-royale lottery machines, this is for you. Please support the wonderful developers who have given so much effort into making this game amazing.

Splitgate: Arena Warfare Review – Bringing the Party to You

Halo meets Portal meets an older, faster style of FPS in Splitgate.

As the melodious BRRRAK! of Battle Rifles rings out across the map, I run towards the hill as fast as I can. My shield is gone, my shotgun is empty, and there are only seconds left in the match. After what feels like an eternity, I reach the incline and my shield slowly starts to recharge. I look back and see two red Xs where my teammates were just killed, with not enough time left to respawn. In a fraction of a second, I exchange looks with Sinful_Diddler (my last surviving teammate) and we brace for the worst. I pull out my pistol.

They seem to come out of nowhere — their red armor nothing but a blur as the hill explodes into sound and fury. Sinful_Diddler downs one and finishes off another before I see his own body fall, leaving the last foe to me. After a few well-placed pistol shots, I’m the last player standing on a worthless piece of dirt. My squad wins by a heart-pounding six points. “VICTORY,” the announcer booms, and Blue Team stands above Red Team on the final scoreboard.

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Two Great Tastes

No, this isn’t 2005. No, I’m not sitting in my friend’s basement playing King of the Hill in Halo 2. It’s 2019, and I’m sitting in my dingy apartment playing Splitgate: Arena Warfare.

Splitgate is a free-to-play arena shooter recently launched on Steam. And, as you might guess from that description, it brings a whole heap of nostalgia with it. Heavily inspired by early Halo games, Splitgate actually replicates the feel of 343 Industries’ later entries in the series. Though it adds one brand-new mechanic: portals. Each player has their own portal gun attached at the wrist. Every map features special walls you can attach portals to — much like in, well, Portal. Players (or bullets) can use said gateways to fling between locations. If you think this just sounds like Halo and Portal had a baby… You’re pretty much right. And that’s what makes Splitgate so good.

First things first: The similarities between Splitgate and Halo just can’t be ignored. They’re not identical, mind you, but you could be forgiven for thinking that Splitgate was some sort of Halo spin-off at first glance. Guns, mechanics, cosmetic armor, animations… All of them evoke the venerated series. Even the maps are lifted from Halo history. “Highwind” is basically Lockout with portals; “SAW Stadium” is basically Midship with portals. That’s certainly not a bad thing, though. It shows how well the developer knows the best parts of its source material, as well as its target audience. Splitgate wears its influences on its sleeve without restricting itself to being a mere copy.

Spatial Awareness

The game successfully fuses tried-and-true Halo mechanics with modern FPS sensibilities, creating a beefy hybrid of speed and gunplay with a deliciously high skill ceiling. The old-school requirements of finding weapons on the map — and depleting your opponents’ shields before killing them — might make the game sound slow and methodical. This actually couldn’t be further from the truth. An extremely rapid, unlimited sprint and a jetpack for quick traversal make Splitgate just as fast and fun as the best arena shooters in the genre.

However, what really makes Splitgate shine is how it implements portals. They open up a new tactical dimension (ha!) in combat. Maps are designed around close-range combat with a clear focus on flanking and teamwork, which smartly highlights the possibilities portals open up (literally) and motivates players to use them often. A good player can warp around all the hot-spots on a map in seconds, maximizing kills and dodging damage at incredible pace. Coordinated teams can also use portals to excellent effect in objective-based modes like Domination, Capture the Flag, or Oddball — whether that’s planning an ambush on a capture point or placing escape routes for endangered teammates.

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That’s a lot to wrap your head around. Thankfully, Splitgate also provides ways to hone your skills without the pressure of playing against humans — and to just mess around with the game’s mechanics. Making a custom lobby lets you play against surprisingly effective bots while giving yourself any weapon you want to train with. And that’s just the beginning. Want to play a match of shotty snipers, like in the good ol’ days? Just tweak the match settings and invite some friends, or make it public and find some randos to play your brilliant, maximum-speed, minimum-gravity game type!

Present Reality vs. Hopeful Future

Speaking of game types, this is actually the main problem with Splitgate in its early days: limited playlist features. At the time of writing, there are only two playlists in ranked mode (free-for-all and team skirmishes) and one playlist in casual mode, involving a small pool of game types on repeat. You also can’t select the individual mode you want to play. That’s a problem when you queue up for another match, only to get Domination on Outpost for the third time in a row. These playlists might be intentionally limited to keep the player base together at launch, but it’s still annoying when you just want to play a nice game of team deathmatch.

Splitgate: Arena Warfare is still an incredibly solid foundation from which to build an even better game. It nails the most timeless elements of the Halo multiplayer formula, while also making those elements feel fresher and faster than ever. The game is slightly sparse on options — not to mention content — at the moment. But with the kind of passion the developers have already shown in their design, and their dedication to the community, I believe things could change in no time. I certainly want them to, for such a fun game.

All About Splitgate Arena Warfare

Splitgate Arena Warfare is a combination of fast-paced sci-fi first-person games and mind-controlled portals. It is a shooter game played by multiple players and the portals build a new aspect of arena battle. It adapts the classic and typical sense of close combat shooting with a new multi-dimensional twist that can add to the never seen before geographical shooting setting. Players can fight against 10 other friends or they can enhance their skills against formidable AI.

Splitgate Arena Warfare was published on May 24, 2019, for Microsoft Windows. The game was inspired by the Halo sci-fi battle arena where players can create portals between two locations on the map that are similar to portal series where they can fire weapons through those portals.

How to Win the Game Splitgate Arena Warfare

Always be alert to deny or contest power weapons

Even though the Splitgate’s default weapons are strong, they are behind when compared to the game’s most fatal loadouts. Arena-based shooters like splitgate features powerful weapons that players can use to their edge. The power weapons can be a big advantage to the team especially during firefights which can affect your entire performance.

Destroy Enemy Portals – Splitgate Arena warfare

Splitgate’s explosive EMP grenades can prevent the enemy from sneaking around the map, but it could not deal with damage to the enemies upon impact. By tossing an EMP grenade at a nearby portal, the player can close it in an instant and get to track down their target.

Don’t throw away your pistol – Splitgate

Although it is tempting to leave behind your pistol on behalf of other powerful weapons, it is helpful in hitting your enemy at range. The attached scope can precise shots that allow you to take down most opponents at the range before they can even try to hit you. This sidearm does not work as deadly as the sniper, the chances of you getting another of this weapon throughout the game are low.

Bait opponents with your portals – Arena Warfare

This portal gameplay of Splitgate is vital to battle and you have to be an expert to increase to win the game. Portals can be used to see what goes beyond the walls and travel around the area with ease.

Play the objective

A lot of players avoid the objective to inflate their KDA. The game’s focus should be gaining as many points as possible without conceding the objectives.

About the Game Arena Warfare

The game is designed to be player-friendly both to first-time and expert FPS players. It has an unlimited skill restriction where players could have a hundred hours to improve and master. It is recommended to make a constant movement as players create portals to fly and frag throughout the area, even to the air. Its ranking system determines which players match the other as opponents through their equal skill set level.

It is easy to learn, however, it is quite difficult to master. The standard FPS controls and the natural portal mechanics allow beginners to stay and run immediately. But players should think of their strategies and abilities with portals to defeat their enemies.


Splitgate supports controller play which makes it engaging. The menu can be maneuvered with a mouse and keyboard and you can use a controller for gameplay such as Xbox controllers, which makes the game comfortable and easy to play.

What sets it apart from other game modes is the Portals. They can be used to banish an opponent from every different direction or send your character across the map and a lot of fun things that you can try. As splitgate evolved, the game can be played by a free to play model where you don’t have to spend any money.

«Халоватый Portal»: наиграл 20 часов в Splitgate. Самое веселое время в шутерах за этот год

Для тех кто все еще не в курсе. Splitgate — бесплатный инди арена-шутер, вышедший в раннем доступе еще 2 года назад, но пришедший на консоли только 27 июля (все еще в рамках бета-теста). Буквально взорвав соц сети аки цитата Киану Ривза, Splitgate сейчас в пике имеет более 59.000 человек онлайн.

С чем связана такая огромная и неожиданная популярность «преемника» Halo, можно только догадываться. Возможно повлиял фактор закрытой беты Halo Infinite, люди увидели что-то похожее на игру детства, да еще и БЕСПЛАТНО, почему бы не дать шанс, ведь так? Однозначно можно сказать одно — релиз на консолях явно вдохнул вторую жизнь в игру. Еще недавно в игре пиковый онлайн составлял 400 человек, а сейчас люди готовы стоять по полтора часа в очередях, чтобы поглазеть на неведому зверушку.

примерно так выглядят первые часы геймплея в Splitgate

По какой-то причине мне удалось избежать прелюдии в полуторачасовой очереди, игра практически сразу запускала меня в лобби, и мне за два дня удалось наиграть уже порядка 15-20 часов, настолько меня игра затянула.

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Казалось бы, ну как такая знакомая формула может быть интересной и увлекающей на долгие часы? На самом деле, ответ на поверхности. Первое и самое очевидное — игра абсолютно бесплатна, бета-батлпасс не нужно покупать, все что вы вкачаете — получаете себе навсегда, те же забавные граффити типа «пережил бету Splitgate». Кстати, простенькие скины и «золотые» покраски можно получить тоже совершенно бесплатно, если выполнять задания по оружиям. Выполнишь все задания на одну пушку — получишь золотую винтовку.

Дальше, геймплейная механика. Все, что вы видите по началу — это, опять же таки, Хало и Портал. По отдельности. У вас не получается комбинировать быстрое перемещение с помощью ускоренных падений или двойных прыжков с механикой порталов. ВАЖНОЕ УТОЧНЕНИЕ — ниже увидите скрины из игры, и вы можете разочароваться. Игра не дает вам свободы плейсмента порталов куда-угодно. На карте размещены специальные синие панели, на которые их можно цеплять, но не бойтесь, они размещены практически на всех возможных стенах, где бы вы только могли извернуться для очередного маневра.

Как только вы освоите, что играете не в две разные игры, а в одну цельную — вам откроется новая грань этого шутера. Быстрое открытие порталов для моментальных киллов сквозь порталы настолько четко и слажено вяжется с быстрым темпом перемещения в игре, что через пару часов вы перестаете удивляться тому, как вы в очередной раз спрыгнули кому то на голову через портал, открытый вами еще 20 секунд назад на другом конце карты.

Пушки, здесь, к сожалению или к счастью просто копирка Halo. One-shot дробовик, полуавтоматические карабины, штурмовые винтовки, снайперские винтовки. Ничего особенного, фактор веселья тут добавляет разве что one-shot дубина и гранатомет.

И последнее, что лично мне бросилось в глаза, это до ужаса знакомые карты. Вдохновленные играми с сеттингом будущего, арены заставляют тебя играть в сплитгейт, просто потому что когда-то ты «воевал» на точно такой же карте, но твоя любимая игра либо надоела тебе самому, либо онлайн в ней мертв, что ты попросту не можешь загрузиться и поддаться чувству ностальгии. Сплитгейт дает тебе возможность вспомнить былые баталии (хоть и косвенно) без поиска видосов на ютубе или монотонных ожиданий в очередях тех игр, дабы сыграть каточку в 5 минут. Чего только стоит какой-нибудь здешний «Анубис» из Overwatch.

Splitgate очевидно удачно совместил в себе две схожие по настроению механики перемещения на маленькой арене, где нужна скорость передвижения и необычные решения доминации над противником. Вам я рекомендую заценить и понять, что же для вас значит Splitgate. В любом случае, это явно не тот случай, когда free-to-play можно пропускать и не пробовать.

Вчера поиграл в неё часа два. Такого угара я давно не встречал и до смеха забавных ситуаций. Даже моя девушка, не увлеченная играми совсем, наблюдая, смеялась. Очень много разнообразных режимов (чего стоит режим ОДБОЛЛ, удержание мяча или ЧАЙНЫЙ ПАКЕТИК, который довёл режим убийства подтверждено а-ля COD, который высмеивает унизительно приём убийства в целый режим). Оружие, которое хоть и импакта не имеет особого (даже на геймпаде без прицеливания контрится очень просто), довольно разнообразное и предлагает тебе разные стили игры
Да даже нынешний БАТТЛПАСС (на момент беты) предлагает тебе староможное открытие скинов а-ля настреляй столько то урона или убийств, чтобы открыть
Всё довольно просто и весело, а больше от такой игры и не нужно
Единственный, на мой взгляд, минус, это очень большие карты (для команды 5х5, либо карты резать, что не нужно, либо количество игроков увеличивать), пока ты найдёшь место стычки, весь бой может пройти без твоего участия, что огорчает
Однозначно, как минимум, игру нужно попробовать. Жаль, что за завесой монопольцев (COD, BF) игра не полезла в чарты стим раньше, может и на консолях она появилась бы намного раньше.
От игры очень жду обновлений и полноценного релиза (за 2÷ года то)

Так многабукав и ни одной картинки ну чо блин

Ну вы даете, я вообще думал, что мало написал, надо бы еще про что-нибудь рассказать, сижу пыжусь

Друг ненадо ничего рассказывать, игра полный шлак уровня 2009г, уровня warface лет 5 назад, этими порталами никто не пользуется, тупо бегают и стреляют, импакт от оружия ужасен , зачем просто в это играть если есть Warzone?

1. Идиотское сравнение с батл-роялем, который уже сдох от колва читеров в нем. Это разные игры. Не надо их сравнивать.
2. Влияют, если тебя варзон научил думать только одной извилиной, это не значит, что все игры должны играться как варзон.

Игра кстати реально топовая и разрабы крутые

Как же вас легко удивить, имхо игра полнейший шлак, скрипните через пол года закроют сервера

Ну мне она зашла больше чем апекс, варзон, код блек опс, овервотч

Эта игра веселее и как для инди разработчиков это прям топ

Окей. Легко удивить значит да? А ты кто вообще? По всей видимости ты просто без чувственный дурачок для которого игры по типу вот этой шлак. И только «идеальные» игры по типу рдр для тебя хороши да?

@Игорь Побережец тут hollowатый портал

до хало все равно как до луны, мувмент и шутинг тут весьма примитивный

Мне что непонятно, почему карта — довольно скучная типовая арена. Если уж у вас есть порталы — так дайте именно портальную механику, которая позволяет менять карту, добираться до скрытых локаций (не удобные/кемперские — они просто доступны только при мышлении с помощью порталов).

Хотя может я на ютюбе не всё увидел.

Здесь скорее вопрос именно к карте, а не почему плохо порталы реализованы. Потому что по большому счету, если б порталы можно было ставить везде — игра бы превратилась в неконтролируемый хаос. А так карта простая — развесить везде стенки, на которые можно цеплять порталы — тоже соответственно не составляет труда.

Эти порталы никак не влияют на геймплей

ага, открыть бойницу за спиной у снайпера — ничего не меняет.

Я не крачиво написал, «Портальная» в смысле как в Portal), а не про порталы.

игра бы превратилась в неконтролируемый хаос.

Ну, то же самое можно и про 3-е измерение в шутерах сказать. Wolfenstein3D — нормально, а вот квейк — какой-то рандомный хаос

Так что да, всё упирается в картоделов. А так же в допмеханики вроде световых мостов, геля ускорения и т.д.

Мне кажется квака это как раз про задроство и ноу-лайф. Здесь все-таки, будем честны, во-первых, инди разработка, что явно ограничивает ресурсы. А во-вторых, мне кажется разрабы(даже с учетом индюшатности) умышленно не дают такой большой свободы, дабы усидеть на стуле казуалычей.

за казуалами бегать — фанатов растерять.
Так я ж и не говорю «запизивать обычных игроков ногами», но вот как способ «естественного разделения» игроков на хлебушков и скилловиков по принципу карт — имхо вполне.
Выкачиваешь пропуск на карту — приноравливаешься — офигеваешь с того как геометрия сносит мозг.

На днях новость от эпиков о нём видел. Совет: добавь хоть скрин в статью)

Спасибо, первый раз просто пишу :р

Я жду ещё скринов

Игрулина прикольная и драйвовая, но вот портальная часть для меня до конца не понятная, т.е странная. Более половины телепортов просто для галочки и со временем ты телепорты используешь всё реже и реже: нет надобности + карты не настолько большие, а если попадаются карты покрупнее стандартных, то пару тп достаточно. Стрельба неплохая, но есть еще над чем работать. Хитбоксы и мувмент странные. Самые приятные для меня пушки: SMG и Assault Rifle. (=

Нет смысла даже говорить об игре, пока у них сервера из говна

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Splitgate: Arena Warfare Review

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I began playing Splitgate: Arena Warfare. Having cut my teeth on classic arena FPS games, I knew that Splitgate had a daunting task – to either revolutionize or revolutionize the FPS genre in the contemporary gaming market. Considering the monumental nature of that task, I set aside my usual pessimism and jumped in to see what the game could offer. This is our Splitgate: Arena Warfare review.

As an arena shooter, Splitgate: Arena Warfare looks ok. The backgrounds and level design are nice, but not amazing. The models are not terrible, but the skins themselves are dull. Perhaps there were constraints based on available models, but once I set my character’s look, I stopped caring about my own skins, and I certainly never had time to take a detailed look at my opponents’ skins.

Skins are the game’s monetization – no pay to win here. Buying Saw packs with the in-game currency (i.e., Disco Balls) yields three random skins, which could be for your portal, armor, weapons, jetpack, etc. At the time of this writing, the packs go for about $1 US for a single Saw pack, but as with other games, purchasing the premium currency is more efficient in higher quantities. The review copy came with 5 saw packs, which yielded skins of a variety of rarities, the odds of each of which are viewable when purchasing Saw packs.

The gameplay has several modes for both casual and competitive play. The game’s modes included many of the classics, such as capture the flag, king of the hill, and team deathmatch, but others were added as well. Halo’s Oddball (featuring a disco ball rather than a skull) returns, as does a SWAT-style game mode, reminiscent of Counter-Strike. Casual play allows for random matchmaking or joining servers hosted by others. The game’s description touts casual play as a way to try out all of the game’s modes, and I found that to be accurate. Ladder play allows for six-player free-for-all style play or team-based games.

Weapon variety also largely mimicked other games. Halo seemed to be the most significant inspiration, which is unfortunate. That is, weapon variety and design are about as dull as it was in Halo. The most unique weapon I experienced was the rail gun, which required one to zoom in and charge one’s shot before firing, a rather significant drawback for an otherwise instant kill. That said, most players I ran across usually didn’t even bother with other weapons, as the starting machine gun and pistol were deadly enough. A lack of armor and low health meant that firefights were short unless all parties had poor aim, irrespective of weapon.

Nevertheless, the game’s claim to fame is its integration of portals into the fps mix. Adding portals to a competitive fps is long overdue, but Splitgate’s design doesn’t take advantage of the mechanic as well as it could – usually because the games I found myself in were too fast paced to engender a need for a portal. There were certainly times when it helped (such as when porting between control points in a domination map), but by and large running and a jetpack got me where I wanted to go in plenty of time. The addition of the portal mechanic also raises the difficulty curve, meaning new players may have to struggle long before they find a way to reliably add portals to their repertoire. That said, the portals themselves are a blast. On more than one occasion, I’m sure I raised my teammates’ blood pressure because I was too focused on getting a portal jump right to follow the objective. #sorrynotsorry


The impact event at Silvertree Farms revealed that humans weren’t the only lifeforms with portal travel. After discovering alien portal tech upon the wrecked spacecraft, the farmland was converted into a Splitgate arena. Finding the Shotgun or Plasma Rifle will be crucial in this close-quarter map.

Once a luxury beach resort, Oasis is now a beachside battlefield open to all combatants. This sunny and sandy arena features long lines of sight and tall portal walls, so make sure you locate a long-range weapon! Note: Rest and relaxation are not included while fighting on Oasis.

Fueled by a volcano’s geothermal energy, Lavawell became the first Splitgate arena with portal surfaces not powered by anti-matter. Players will navigate the former research facility’s high-tech laboratories, tight outdoor areas, and hazardous trench of molten rock. At opposite sides, a Rocket Launcher and Railgun spawn, making burning lava the least of your worries.

Abyss is an underground cave with a large open center. Since combatants fight underground, gunfire cannot be heard from the surface. Fight with caution. If you perish at Abyss, you may never be found.

The temple Pantheon is believed to be the first place the portal technology was discovered. The temple has now been modernized and seats up to 8000 viewers, regularly selling out at tournaments. The map is an open and symmetrical map with four identical corners and sniper rifles on each side.

Olympus is a large and open arena that is floating in the clouds. Try not to fall off the map, but if you do, make sure to look down. There’s a portal platform at the bottom that just might save your life…

Situated atop the tallest Japanese forest, this treehouse inspired map is the smallest arena. With intimate corridors and exposed ramps, combatants are guaranteed to see plenty of combat. Try to move as a unit, as there are few places to hide. And do not be afraid to battle in this arena, as it is an honor to die at Highwind.

Once an underground missile base, Club Silo is now a night club where attendees can place their bets on competitors while viewing them behind the safety of bullet-proof glass. This arena features a lot of verticality with a large open center, and angled walkways from red to blue base.

Paying homage to ancient gladiatorial arenas, Stadium is a futuristic battlefield where combatants fight for glory. With an open center and overlooking corridors, Stadium provides opportunities for long distance and close-quarter combat. The best warriors will be immortalized in this arena via holograms boasting their favorite armor set.

Built in the year 2552, Atlantis is an underwater utopia filled with beauty and riches. As the primary income source, the combat arena attracts thousands of tourists a day. The focal point of the arena is its open center where The BFB can be found.

Helix is the ultimate training ground for competitors who want to get close and personal. It features long hallways and tight corridors, making control of the Rocket Launcher crucial.

Previously a base for spaceships to refuel, Outpost has been converted into a space arena, where competitors can use momentum to perform portal jumps as they fight for control of the sniper tower. The sniper tower has great visibility of the entire map, as well as a direct sightline to the powerful Railgun!



Splitgate: Arena Warfare Review – Bringing the Party to You

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Splitgate: Arena Warfare Review


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